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BBQ accessories

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ВН-6 BAMBOO BBQ fork 5$
ВН-7 BBQ fork RING 5$
ВН-5 BBQ fork RING 5$
BBQ tongs №1 BBQ tongs №1
Щ-1 BBQ tongs №1 6$
BBQ tongs №2 BBQ tongs №2 BBQ tongs №2
Щ-2 BBQ tongs №2 9$
CAST IRON grill for barbecue CAST IRON grill for barbecue
РЧ-1 CAST IRON grill for barbecue 35$
Cooler bag BIG 37L
СХ-37 Cooler bag BIG 37L 20$
Cooler bag LIGHT 2L Cooler bag LIGHT 2L
СХ-2л Cooler bag LIGHT 2L 7$
Cooler bag MEDIUM 15L Cooler bag MEDIUM 15L
СХ-15л Cooler bag MEDIUM 15L 15$
Flask №1 240ml Flask №1 240ml Flask №1 240ml
Ф-1 Flask №1 240ml 7$
Flask №2 270ml
Ф-2 Flask №2 270ml 8$
Fork-knife BALL for barbecue Fork-knife BALL for barbecue
ВН-2 Fork-knife BALL for barbecue 6$
Fork-knife NUT for barbecue Fork-knife NUT for barbecue
ВН-4 Fork-knife NUT for barbecue 6$
Fork-knife RING for barbecue Fork-knife RING for barbecue
ВН-1 Fork-knife RING for barbecue 6$
Grill grate for fish Grill grate for fish
РБ-5 Grill grate for fish 8$

Outdoor recreation is a great way to meet friends and acquaintances, and get a charge of vivacity, as well as emotions for the whole working week. And if the rest is accompanied by cooking and eating, then it automatically goes into a higher category.

If you are going to have a picnic with a barbecue, you should make sure that all the necessary tools are at hand. Appropriate barbecue and kebab accessories will help you cook food the way the technology requires, and as an original addition to the oven, they can become an integral attribute and even decoration of a party in their own right.

Barbecue accessories

Today, the world produces a huge number of different sets designed specifically for outdoor cooking. A set of barbecue accessories can be used around the house, but the whole point of a picnic is precisely to turn the daily cooking routine into an enjoyable process that gives a sense of celebration.

Barbecue oven accessories can make cooking easier and more enjoyable, help remove cooked food from the fryer, and clean the barbecue oven after a picnic. Accessories for grills and barbecues are selected based on the need to solve specific problems. Therefore, before buying, it is better to decide what accessories are needed for - for grilling, barbecue or barbecue.

The standard set usually includes the following items:

Spatula for products.

Forceps.Accessories for barbecue and barbecue, including a spatula that is needed to clean the side surfaces of the grill from dirt, as well as a scraper designed to clean the rest of the surfaces from fat deposits.

A steel or nylon brush that cleans the gas grill particularly effectively.

In addition to this minimum set, you should also purchase auxiliary accessories for grilling and barbecue - insulating gloves to protect your hands from accidental burns, a thermometer with which you can control the temperature inside the food, as well as an ignition starter if wood is used as grill fuel. coal.

Where to buy barbecue accessories will be more profitable and convenient

You can buy accessories for grills and barbecues in many stores, but not every one of them provides such a wide selection as the Gorillas Barbecue online store. Barbecue grill accessories can be purchased individually from us, as well as in various sets, including the following items:

  • forged barbecue accessories;
  • accessories for the barbecue area;
  • barbecue and barbecue accessories;
  • charcoal barbecue accessories and more.

If you do not have the opportunity to go outdoors to have a picnic, then we will give you the opportunity to buy accessories for stoves, fireplaces and barbecues - parties by the fireplace are especially popular in Kiev.

An obvious advantage of cooperation with our online store is that you can buy a quality set of barbecue accessories from us at an affordable price.We ourselves are manufacturers of accessories for barbecues, barbecues and grills, and therefore we have the opportunity to offer customers the best prices on the Ukrainian market. The quality of manufactured products is strictly controlled, so there is absolutely no chance of getting products that do not meet our standards to the customer.