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Skewer ARKHAR with art casting Skewer ARKHAR with art casting Skewer ARKHAR with art casting
ШЛ-2 Skewer ARKHAR with art casting 16$
Skewer BALL for kebab Skewer BALL for kebab Skewer BALL for kebab Skewer BALL for kebab
ШШ-люля Skewer BALL for kebab 7$
Skewer BAMBOO for kebab Skewer BAMBOO for kebab Skewer BAMBOO for kebab Skewer BAMBOO for kebab
ШБ-люля Skewer BAMBOO for kebab 7$
ШК-1 Skewer FORGED 35$
Skewer RING for kebab Skewer RING for kebab Skewer RING for kebab Skewer RING for kebab
ШК-люля Skewer RING for kebab 7$

No matter how hardworking a person is, he still needs rest. Rest is needed for workaholics, ordinary people, and even lazy people. For any of us, the concept of rest can take on a different meaning depending on mood, well-being, or simply the desire to do something or not do something. Sometimes a person feels the need for rest when it is only necessary to change the situation in order to get a surge of emotions and a charge of vivacity for the next working week. One of the safest options is to go on a picnic. This involves, at a minimum, eating outdoors. But the best rest that you can remember for a long time is the one on which food is cooked directly on the spot and on an open fire.

What you need to know in order to buy barbecue skewers

A favorite dish for the vast majority of those who want to relax in nature is shish kebab. And, as everyone knows well, the only way to cook barbecue according to all the rules is to use a special tool - a skewer.

The skewer must be of high quality, since the use of a home-made or poor-quality tool will most likely lead to the fact that the products will be cooked incorrectly or spoiled and the treat will fail at all. If it is used to simply relax and have fun at a picnic, then this threatens only with a bad mood and indigestion. But when food is prepared for sale, the consequences can be much more serious.And financial losses due to the unwillingness of visitors to pay for low-quality food is not the worst case.

Cooking for sale is one of the most common ways to use earnings in our country. A huge number of establishments of various levels and scales are already operating in Ukraine. And when this requires kebab skewers, tandoor skewers or even gift skewers, then no sane entrepreneur will try to make them on his own if he does not have his own workshop for the manufacture of such products.

The easiest way is to use products made at the factory. There are also options when high-quality sets are made by individual craftsmen. But in any case, it should be a high-quality tool, specially designed for cooking over an open fire. And this means that its physical and chemical properties should not deteriorate under the influence of high temperatures, as well as food acids, grease and various washing liquids that are used to clean the surface after using the tool.

Where to buy kebab skewers with delivery in Ukraine (Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odessa, Dnipro, Zaporozhye)

In the Gorillas Barbecue online store, you can purchase skewers of any kind and designed for various applications. We have sets of skewers that are suitable for going on a picnic, hiking in the woods, fishing, as well as for cooking in commercial activities.

There is another use for skewers. More precisely for the whole set.If you don’t know what to give this or that person, then by making him a present in the form of a set of skewers, you probably won’t go wrong. Even an avid stay-at-home will not refuse barbecue in nature - a person who only theoretically knows what a barbecue cooked on an open fire looks like. Having never left his house before, he will be glad to have the opportunity someday, or rather, at any time, to get together and go on a picnic.

A set of skewers can be a great gift. A gift set of skewers can have a different configuration and design. There are skewers with an inscription that will be convenient to use as an original gift, for rewarding or even as a funny joke. You can buy inexpensive gift sets of skewers from us, as well as buy handmade skewers. In Ukraine, barbecue skewers are in the greatest demand - the number of varieties that are available in our catalog will pleasantly surprise you.

We receive goods from the most famous manufacturers and craftsmen, including those who carry out individual orders. Direct contracts make it possible to offer goods for sale at minimum prices, which allows the customer to buy a set of skewers cheaper than they are offered in most other stores.

Even upon receipt at our warehouse, each product is carefully checked for defects and inconsistencies between the actual parameters and the characteristics declared by the manufacturer. By purchasing goods in the Gorillas Barbecue online store, the customer receives at his disposal excellent quality products that will serve faithfully for a long time.