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Consent to the processing of personal data

I, in accordance with the information I specified on the website, guided by the Law of Ukraine "On the Protection of Personal Data", I provide an individual - entrepreneur Denis Igorevich Romanchenko, the date and number of the record on the state registration of an individual entrepreneur : date 03.11.2020 number 2001030000000110577. Address for correspondence and acceptance of any proposals, appeals, complaints: 69002, Zaporozhye, st. School 32, office 114, Gorillas BBQ store. (hereinafter referred to as the Company) permission to process my personal data (information and aggregates of information about me), the owner of which is the said Company, on the following conditions:

1. Purpose of personal data processing: ensuring the implementation of relations in the field of advertising, marketing and collection of personal data for commercial purposes, to inform individuals about promotions and special offers of owners, dealerships of the owner, and other partners of the owner, studying consumer demand, informing customers about new models of goods, manufacturer of goods, place of sale of goods and advertising campaigns carried out by the manufacturer of goods and / or sellers of such goods, compliance with the requirements of legislation on consumer protection in accordance with the Civil Code of Ukraine, the Commercial Code of Ukraine, the Law of Ukraine "On Advertising", the Law Of Ukraine "On Protection of Consumer Rights", the Law of Ukraine "On Telecommunications", the Law of Ukraine "On Print Media (Press) in Ukraine", other laws and by-laws solely for the exercise of powers determined by laws and on the basis of the consent of the subject personally s data.

2. Purposes of personal data processing:

1) collection of information on goods, consumers of goods, operation of goods by consumers, identified defects (defects, breakdowns, etc.) of goods and their reasons;

2) fulfillment of warranty and other obligations to consumers determined by the current legislation of Ukraine;

3) maintaining statistics of consumer calls and defects in goods, breakdowns and defects, their reasons;

4) provision of information to consumers about goods, their manufacturers and sellers;

5) compliance with the requirements of the legislation on the protection of consumer rights;

6) fulfillment of other requirements of the current legislation of Ukraine.

3. The composition and volume of personal data that can be collected and processed:

1) surname, name, patronymic;

2) date of birth;

3) gender;

4) address;

5) other information about the facts and circumstances characterizing the person as a consumer of goods (information regarding purchases, consumer habits);

6) information about the means of communication with the consumer (postal address, contact number of the means of communication, e-mail address, etc.).

4. Period of storage of personal data:

personal data will be stored for the period necessary to achieve the above goals and purposes of processing such data. Personal data can be destroyed after the expiration of the storage period or in cases provided for by the current legislation of Ukraine. The storage of personal data will be carried out by the Company at its location, as well as possibly by the managers specified in clause 6.

5. The procedure for the use of personal data and the protection of personal data: Personal data will be used by the Company and managers solely for the purpose and purposes specified in paragraphs 1 and 2 of this consent in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine; the use of personal data by the employees of the Company is carried out only in accordance with their job duties. The society and the managers of personal data to take the necessary organizational and technical measures to protect personal data from unauthorized access to them by third parties.

The company and the processors of personal data will carry out actions with personal data necessary for the purpose and purposes indicated above, including (but not limited to): carry out processing in whole or in part in an information (automated) system and / or in personal data files; collect to the extent necessary for the aforementioned purposes and purposes; registration, accumulation, adaptation, change, restoration, use, depersonalization of information; disseminate (distribute, sell, transfer) personal data to the managers of personal data and third parties specified in this consent; store personal data for the period necessary for the aforementioned purposes and purposes; destroy personal data after the expiration of their storage period.

6. The procedure for the dissemination of personal data: Personal data collected by the Company can be distributed (transferred) by the Company for the purpose and purposes specified above in this consent, to the processors of personal data, to process personal data on behalf of the Company, which include third parties, with whom the Company or its managers