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Grill grates

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CAST IRON grill for barbecue CAST IRON grill for barbecue
РЧ-1 CAST IRON grill for barbecue 1200грн.
Grill grate L Grill grate L Grill grate L Grill grate L
РГ-2 Grill grate L 600грн.
Grill grate XL Grill grate XL Grill grate XL Grill grate XL
РГ-1 Grill grate XL 760грн.
Grill grate XLight Grill grate XLight Grill grate XLight Grill grate XLight Grill grate XLight
РГ-3 Grill grate XLight 720грн.
Grill grate XS Grill grate XS Grill grate XS Grill grate XS
РГ-4 Grill grate XS 570грн.

What's better than spending time outdoors with family, friends or housemates? A good picnic can charge you with energy and a great mood for a long time, creating the basis for numerous memories and jokes. Even those who have never worked at all like to have a good walk and relax.

But what would a picnic or outdoor meeting be without a barbecue or grill? Therefore, the person who has shouldered the burden of organizing the event must begin preparing for it as soon as the party is publicly announced. And what will he have to do first? Right. He will crawl into the attic, basement or other secluded place where the grill grate is stored from the last time.

Why do you need a grill grate?

But what if there was no last time and everything is happening for the first time? Then you need to try to figure out what a grill grate is and why without it even the most respectable picnic is doomed to failure.

Grill grates were invented a long time ago and most of humanity has already appreciated their benefits. By design, they are divided into two main types:

  1. Single grates for grilling and barbecue.
  2. Double grilles.

Products belonging to the first variety are a mesh, which is made in the form of a round or rectangular frying pan and is equipped with one or two handles located opposite each other. Grill grates are used for frying meat and vegetables; sometimes products are wrapped in foil for more uniform heat treatment.Using a single rack requires some skill and care, as food may fall out.

A double grill grate for barbecue consists of two almost identical parts that can be folded and opened. The products that need to be cooked are securely clamped between them and fixed in this position with a special ring until the cook decides that they are completely ready and the meal can begin. The double grill grate on the grill allows you to turn the food being prepared with one movement of your hand. At the same time, you don’t have to worry about food falling off it.

Before you buy a grill grate, you should think in advance about what types of products it will be primarily used for. Although there are only two main types of design, the remaining parameters are selected based on the selection of dishes that will most often be prepared. For example, large pieces of meat and whole fish will be better cooked in a double rack if the mesh has large cells and the distance between the halves is small.

Stainless steel grill grate

Before you buy a barbecue grill, it is advisable to find out more about what materials are used in the manufacture of such equipment. As a rule, this is a metal that does not react at all, or reacts weakly with food acids, fat, and also with detergents usually used to clean the grate after use.

The material determines how much effort will need to be applied each time to clean the grill grate.Buying something that will quickly rust or simply will not be cleaned of soot and grease means ruining the mood of the person who will be forced to do it after the picnic.

Stainless steel is one of the best materials from which grill grates are made. You can buy such equipment in many stores. But there is one little secret that sellers know about, but the vast majority of buyers do not know. Only a specialist will be able to distinguish a real stainless steel grill grate from its exact, but extremely short-lived copy.

Some manufacturers, trying to save on material, use thick steel wire with a shiny galvanic coating instead of stainless steel. Approximately the same as car bumpers used to be covered. Such “stainless steel” grill grates, which are not actually stainless steel, begin to lose their protective layer the first time they are aggressively cleaned using abrasive compounds. And after a fairly short time, rust spots begin to appear on the previously sparkling surface of the mesh. It won't be long before you need a new stainless steel grill grate.

What to buy - a stainless steel grill grate, or is it better to use cast iron grill grates?

A cast iron grill grate doesn't have many advantages over real stainless steel. But they still exist. Cast iron, at least the one used in the manufacture of grates, is significantly stronger. It does not completely lose its hardness even when heated red-hot, while steel becomes very ductile and may lose its shape as a result. A cast iron grill grate is much more durable than a steel one. It perfectly withstands aggressive cleaning and exposure to any detergents. Cast iron grill grates are easy to clean after cooking.

Why is it profitable to buy a grill grate at Gorillas Barbecue?

The assortment of our online store provides the opportunity to buy stainless steel grill grates and cast iron grill grates at prices that are significantly lower than average prices on the Ukrainian market. We produce all the products presented in the catalog ourselves, which allows us to flexibly regulate our pricing policy. All products that arrive at our warehouse fully comply with modern quality standards. Take a look at our catalog, place an order and see for yourself!