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Skewer sets quiver

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Skewers are a convenient tool for cooking over an open fire or coals, which, in addition to practical benefits, can also bring aesthetic pleasure. If you want to get joy not only from food, but also from the cooking process itself, then the easiest way to do this is to use skewers made by the masters of the GorillasBBQ company. The use of beautiful, original items will help turn a kitchen routine into a real holiday that will remain in the memory of everyone present for a long time.

What do we offer

There is a well-known statement that explains the variety of varieties of goods produced by a huge number of companies - “there is no dispute about tastes.” It is quite obvious that skewers that one person will unconditionally like may make absolutely no impression on another, leaving him completely indifferent.

A company that wants to achieve recognition among as many potential buyers as possible must regularly expand its range of products, constantly improving them and providing them with characteristics that correspond to the trends of the times. What was in demand previously may lose relevance after some time, and this is worth remembering. That is why the list of products in the catalog of our online store is regularly updated, becoming longer and more diverse.

We separate some groups of our products that are especially popular into separate categories - this also applies to sets of skewers, the cases of which are designed in the form of quivers with arrows.

Features of our products

Sets from the “Quiver” line look completely unusual. Each case is made of high-quality Crazy Horse leather, which lasts a long time without losing its original appearance.

The skewers are made from AISI430 stainless steel, which is also used to make medical instruments. The blades do not change technical characteristics even when exposed to high temperatures. Skewers are not only easy to wash and clean, but also represent artistic value:

  • handles are made of forged metal and hardwood impregnated with a special composition that prevents contamination;
  • individual models of skewers are decorated with bronze jewelry casting;
  • engraving, etc. is applied to their surface.

Why choose our company's skewers

Excellent workmanship and carefully thought-out design turns even an ordinary set of skewers into a real work of art. In addition to this:

  • Each product is carefully checked for defects and non-compliance with the stated characteristics.
  • We always meet our customers halfway - the configuration of any set can be radically changed at the customer's request.
  • The skewers can be engraved with a name.
  • Our company will organize delivery of your order not only to any city in Ukraine, but also abroad.
  • We manufacture products at our own production facilities and without intermediaries, we independently sell finished products, so we can offer our customers the lowest prices.