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Sets of skewers GorilassBBQ with your complete set

Sets of skewers GorilassBBQ with your complete set

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Today in Ukraine there are not so many manufacturing enterprises whose products are in demand not only in our country, but also abroad. This is due to many reasons, including difficulties with raw materials and energy resources, as well as the economic situation in general. And the fact that the material well-being of the population of our country is far from a level that allows you not to think too much about the price of the purchased goods. As a result, manufacturers often sacrifice the quality and design of their products to keep costs down, hoping to reduce selling prices to a level acceptable to the mass consumer.

GorillasBBQ company. Items for picnics and other types of recreation

However, among the huge number of companies operating in the Ukrainian market, there are those that fully cope with absolutely all difficulties, successfully competing in the domestic market and selling their products in other countries. And although there is a rather stubborn competition among Ukrainian manufacturers of leisure products, companies such as GorillasBBQ are developing quite confidently, expanding the range of products and increasing the number of models, but not reducing quality indicators.

This manufacturer offers the widest selection of different types of barbecues, knives, axes and barbecue accessories. But the most popular product of the GorillasBBQ trademark today are skewers. It was they who became a kind of visiting card of the company, and it was thanks to them that they learned about its existence even outside our country. And while other manufacturers are trying to attract buyers by offering a low-income client a product that is cheaper to the limit and impersonal, the GorillasBBQ masters, relying on their own long-term experience and achievements of modern technologies, make such products that can be found even in individual collections.

Interesting facts about the manufacturer

Responsible attitude to work is a distinctive feature of every employee of the company. Therefore, the products sent to the customer are one hundred percent consistent with the declared characteristics. The manufacturer's online store offers many design and equipment options. The buyer is given the opportunity to compose his own unique kit, like which no one else will have.

Among the most demanded products, the following categories are the most popular:

    • Skewers decorated with artistic casting.

    • Skewers with a forged handle.

    • Skewers with a wooden handle.

    • Skewers for kebabs.

Of course, such a division is purely arbitrary, since any of the models that at first glance belongs to one of these groups can be attributed to another category that is not listed in the list just because it deserves special attention. The company's craftsmen make skewers by hand, and it is this factor that turns out to be decisive for many buyers, and not at all the affordable price of the products.

Features of manufactured products

Despite the fact that the products are made by hand, the company managed to establish technological processes in such a way that the production in terms of the quantity of goods produced was close to the industrial level. This made it possible to achieve cost reduction without compromising the quality and originality of the design of each unit of the product. A friendly attitude towards the buyer is manifested in a full readiness to change the configurations of skewer sets within a wide range, and sometimes completely unusual sets are made up at all. The manufacturer's management always meets the customer halfway.

The craftsmen use food grade stainless steel AISI430 and AISI304 as the material for the blades. Such skewers do not bend even when heated to 800 degrees, do not corrode and are easy to clean with ordinary detergents.

Skewer handles can be made entirely of metal (eg forged), or have hardwood overlays such as ash, oak, beech and hornbeam. Handles decorated with artistic bronze casting look very impressive - the technology of their manufacture is the same as in the production of jewelry.

The GorillasBBQ company offers sets both in wooden cases and in leather or tarpaulin covers. Moreover, the leather is used only natural and only of high quality, the so-called Crazy Horse. This also shows the attitude of the manufacturer towards its customers - not the slightest indulgence is allowed in everything related to quality.

The opportunity to purchase a high-quality set of skewers, made up of elements chosen by the customer himself - this is a unique offer that no one except GorillasBBQ will make to you!

26 November, 2021

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