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О производстве GorillasBBQ

О производстве GorillasBBQ

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There are not so many companies in the world that produce products of such quality that does not cause any complaints at all. Usually there is always someone who doesn't like something. Quite often, critical remarks are made justifiably, but there are also manufacturers for whom absolutely no negative statements can be found.

Such a company with an unblemished reputation is GorillasBBQ. There is a completely legitimate explanation for this, which becomes even more understandable if you get to know the work of this manufacturer a little closer.

Products that have become the hallmark of the GorillasBBQ trademark

Among the fiercely competitive companies, only a few carry out consistent work that allows not only to survive in the foreseeable time period, but also to develop and contribute to the development of society. But it is precisely the creation of new products that is unlike everything that you see around today and is the basis for the further development of human civilization and our country, in particular.

Try to remember how often you come across purely Ukrainian products that you would like to buy? But the GorillasBBQ trademark is well known not only in Ukraine, but also far beyond its borders. And she received her fame for the unique properties of her products - the highest quality and unique design inherent only to her products.

Quality and creativity

Products that allow organizing outdoor recreation with maximum comfort have become the company's trademark. Barbecues and skewers, knives and axes, as well as the many accessories and necessities that are used on picnics, fishing, hunting and hiking are handmade, but at a speed that some mass-produced businesses might envy.

Unique products offered by GorillasBBQ are unlikely to be bought in a regular store. Products are made by experienced highly skilled craftsmen according to specially designed projects. In the company's online store, you will not find a product that will be a copy of what other manufacturers have already offered you - unique developments are used to create products that have individuality. By the way, this is one of the main reasons why individual samples become part of the collections of famous collectors of items of artistic value.

Materials used

Particular attention is paid to the selection of raw materials used in production. And it is precisely the selection, and not the establishment of supplies at minimal prices, although the cost price and regularity of supplies also play an important role in organizing business processes. High-quality and durable materials used in the manufacture of products allow the company to guarantee the corresponding high quality of the goods as a whole. Employees of GorillasBBQ are so confident that the manufactured products fully comply with the most stringent standards that they send orders cash on delivery, without prepayment.

The main materials that the masters deal with are:

    • Steel.

    • Wood.

    • Leather.

When selecting material, the conditions in which the products will be used are taken into account. For example, in the manufacture of skewer blades, food grade stainless steel AISI430 and AISI304 is used. What properties do products made of these materials have?

Since skewers are operated at high temperatures, it is imperative that the technical characteristics of the steel remain stable. Heating should not make the material soft or corrosive. Therefore, these steel grades were chosen - even heating to a temperature of 800 ° C does not produce irreversible changes in parameters. And at lower temperatures, skewers do not change their characteristics at all, even temporarily.

Another important point. These brands are used in the manufacture of products in contact with food. They do not contain any hazardous additives, which makes the use of steel grades AISI430 and AISI304 completely logical and justified. In addition, they are not affected by food acids and traditional detergents that are commonly used in everyday life and in catering establishments.

Knives are made from steel billets of 65x13 and 50x14MF grades, which also have the required properties. This material meets all the requirements for similar products in field conditions, including the following:

    • Possibility of fast sharpening. The importance of this property will be understood by everyone who has ever found himself far from civilization with a dull knife. Lack of appropriate equipment for sharpening is an unpleasant moment, forcing you to return home from hunting, fishing and hiking ahead of schedule.

    • High corrosion resistance. This property is very important for the user, since during a camping trip, fishing or hunting, it is not always possible to wipe the blade dry in time, let alone dry. Therefore, a knife with a blade made of ordinary steel will instantly become covered with rust spots, which can remain for a long time.

High-carbon tool steel grades U7 and U8 are used as the raw material from which the ax blades are made. They are forged materials and therefore have excellent shock resistance and high hardness while providing excellent sharpening properties to the cutting edge.

Wood is used in the manufacture of skewer handles, knives and axes. GorillasBBQ carefully selects only high quality hardwoods - ash, beech, hornbeam and oak. Pre-selection helps to minimize the percentage of defective products at the earliest stage, which positively affects the value of the goods for the buyer. However, the desire to lower the selling price does not in any way reduce the quality of the finished product.

In the manufacture of cases, scabbards and various design elements, high-quality genuine Crazy Horse leather is also used. This is a material of increased strength, which is used in their products not only by Gorillas BBQ, but also by other brands famous for the high quality of their products. Experienced artisans, using, for example, the effect of artificial aging, are able to create from Crazy Horse a real work of art that will look great even in the most exquisite collection.

Why GorillasBBQ products are in high demand

The products offered by the company are handmade. At all stages, each unit is subjected to careful control, which allows completely excluding defective products from reaching the buyer. The technological process involves incoming quality control of materials during selection, quality control of each operation, a general check of the entire product as a whole, as well as a particularly careful control before shipment to the customer.

The company is so confident in the quality of its products that it undertakes a warranty to return the funds if the buyer discovers even the slightest defect!

23 November, 2021

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