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The widest range of GorilassBBQ products

The widest range of GorilassBBQ products

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The quality of the product is one of the main criteria that the consumer is guided by, giving preference to one or another product. For the overwhelming majority of buyers, it is important that things for which you have to pay money, earned by hard work, fully comply with the characteristics declared by the manufacturer and serve as long as possible.

GorilassBBQ trademark. Quality comes first

Among the most popular types of recreation, picnics are the most popular. And what a picnic can be without preparing food in the open air, preferably in fairly comfortable conditions. Therefore, barbecues, skewers, accessories for cooking food on an open fire or on coals, knives of various types, axes, etc. are in great demand.

Leisure goods are in demand wherever the very concept of "rest" exists. And among Ukrainian manufacturers of such products, GorilassBBQ is developing more actively than others, which produces its products under the trademark with the same name.

The main activity of the enterprise is the production and sale of products from metal, wood and leather. And not just mass production, but manual production of products! Such a unique combination cannot fail to attract the consumer, and this is best evidenced by the constantly growing sales.

One of the most important principles that the manufacturer is guided by is the consistently high quality of products. Thanks to a multi-stage control system, the company manages to maintain a practically zero percentage of defective products, which positively affects the manufacturer's reputation and attracts even more customers. That is why the popularity of the products is regularly growing and now an increasing number of products are exported.

What the manufacturer offers

The range of products that are manufactured at the production facilities of the enterprise includes a whole list of high-quality goods, which can be conditionally divided into the following categories:

    • Braziers.

    • Skewers.

    • Knives.

    • Axes.

    • BBQ accessories.

In each of the categories there are many original models that fully comply with modern European standards.


The GorilassBBQ company offers customers a variety of types of barbecues designed for stationary installation, transportation in the trunk of a car, and even folding products - barbecues, which, if necessary, are transformed into a case. Each model is made of high quality material, the design is carefully thought out, which allows the user to cook delicious barbecue or kebab on any of the grills, while saving fuel. Products are decorated with engraving, stationary models, in addition to the hearth, can have a cutting table, shelves, drawers, including for storing knives, skewers, cutlery, etc.


The longest list of products is made up of skewers - a cooking tool, without which it is almost impossible to fry a barbecue in its classic form. The manufacturer offers a wide selection of products, as well as original sets, which, in addition to the skewers themselves, include some other items used in the cooking process and during its use.

In the catalog of the online store (the GorilassBBQ company independently sells its products), you can pick up a unique set of skewers in an original designed box, as well as a set in a case made of high-quality leather or tarpaulin. Skewers are decorated with engraving, bronze casting and forging. Some models are so unique that individual samples even become exhibits in collections.

Knives and axes

The company produces many models of knives and axes, which are intended for tourists, hunters, fishermen, picnickers and simply for those who appreciate high-quality and beautifully designed tools. Manual production of products allows you to give each unit an individual look. Experienced craftsmen actively use artistic casting and engraving of various types, which allows some samples to be considered as real works of art.


Barbecuing will be greatly simplified, and the process will delight even the chef if you use specially designed accessories. A variety of forks used during cooking, grill grates, hatchets and knives for butchering meat and fish are far from all the accessories that GorilassBBQ offers today.

And you can be confident that the rich assortment of its products will completely eliminate the need to look for something from other manufacturers.

26 November, 2021

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