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What can you give to your boss for his birthday, who has everything

What can you give to your boss for his birthday, who has everything

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The gift-giving skill is the kind of thing that can be very beneficial if applied on time. The ability to understand what exactly needs to be presented to a person, in order for him to experience joy and gratitude to the donor, will allow not only to establish good relations with him, but also to establish himself as a rather discerning individual with a high IQ.

This feature becomes even more important when it comes to an unfamiliar person. And when the one to whom you are going to make a present is your immediate boss, then a mistake with a choice can become not only a cause of temporary displeasure, but also a trigger mechanism, the operation of which will ultimately lead to various troubles, and maybe even to the loss of work.

What can you give a rich man-boss who has everything?

The complexity of the choice increases many times over if your boss has long been a wealthy person who does not need any money or any things. The only thing that such a boss may not have is enough imagination to understand what else can bring him pleasure.

Boredom is a terrible thing. Even a rich person can become satiated - and it is this feature that can be effectively used. Consequently, your last hope lies in a wealth of imagination, applying which to this situation you can not only get out of a seemingly hopeless situation, but also get a certain profit.

When it comes to a gift to the boss, the overwhelming majority of his subordinates lose the initiative and, fearing possible consequences, try to act as carefully as possible. Therefore, among the many options for the presentation, a harsh cleaning is performed. A list is made, from which everything that could be misinterpreted is systematically removed, and as a result, the items of possible gifts on the list of one donor almost completely coincide with the items on the list of another. Only the sequence is different. Among the most popular, which for some reason are considered quite original, there are options that it makes sense to talk about in a little more detail.

  • Wireless charger for smartphone
In theory, such a gift should emphasize the donor's advancement in modern technology. At first glance, this is the perfect present for someone who doesn't know what their boss wants. However, do not think that your boss has such a limited mindset that he does not understand the reason for this choice. For some reason, it seems that this very thought will immediately occur to him when he sees such a present. In addition, it would be strange to assume that a person who has money did not think to buy himself a wireless charger for his smartphone, if he really needs it.

  • Comfortable armchair
This option as a gift is also, apparently, considered by a fairly large number of subordinates of the boss, who already has everything. And it is also not entirely clear why. If we were talking about a present for a person who has just become your boss and has not yet had time to settle down in the office - then nothing else.

But when a gift is given, for example, for home use, then immediately there are big doubts that such a decision will have to be in place. The only real excuse for you will be the unique properties of the chair. For example, it can be a special orthopedic chair with an innovative vibration massage that has just appeared on the market. But it's even scary to think about its cost. And if you yourself are not a rich enough person, then this option is not for you.

  • Chess
A chess gift is not a bad solution. Especially if it is an exclusive handmade chess, preferably by a famous master. True, it is quite difficult to predict the price at which it will be possible to purchase such a present. But your suggestion that the boss loves to chill out in his spare time playing this highly intellectual game, the boss will surely like it.

  • Certificate for the creation of a personal perfume
The effect of a gift in the form of a certificate for the creation of an individual perfume can be interesting. This is definitely a rather original present, and, most likely, your boss has not yet thought of something like this. But there are also certain pitfalls. Such a gift may seem too intimate and therefore inappropriate. And such bad manners can be regarded as your extreme bad manners. Unless, of course, you have a closer relationship with your boss than everyone around you thinks.

What conclusion can be drawn from all of the above? After all, each of the options presented has not just an Achilles heel, which is not striking, but a number of disadvantages. And the most important disadvantage is that by choosing such "win-win" gifts, you are lost against the background of exactly the same employees who, perhaps, are also trying to stand out from the gray crowd. It's very simple - give your boss what he will most likely need.

A practical and original birthday present for the chef

Only a gift that is not just valuable enough from a material point of view can be truly successful. One of the most important properties of a presentation is its originality, not its price. And in this sense, it is worth thinking about what will definitely not interfere with the chef, even if he already has it.

If your boss likes to have picnics or such events are simply company policy, cooking tools are the most practical gift. What kind of food is most often cooked at picnics? Of course, grilled meats, fish and vegetables! As everyone knows, the best way to prepare food is to barbecue it on the grill. And here it is definitely not possible to do without skewers.

  • Gift set of skewers in a case
One of the most interesting options for such a gift can be found in the GorillasBBQ online store. And it will not be just a set of skewers, but a gift set, which contains absolutely everything to make a delicious barbecue from almost any product.

The range of options offered allows you to realize almost any fantasy on the topic of barbecue. Already today in the store you can buy more than two dozen options for sets. They differ in the number of items and their purpose. There are kits here that will guide you through the entire cooking process from start to finish. The cases have everything from a complete set of skewers and grill grates, to forks, spoons and fire-starting liquids.

  • Gift set of skewers in a case
If you do not like the sets in cases, GorillasBBQ offers another great gift option - more than three dozen sets of skewers in cases are waiting for you. The kits also contain everything you need to cook and eat delicious kebabs. The skewers are beautifully decorated, and there are handmade forged products with bronze casting, which are a real work of art. Set covers are made of leather and tarpaulin, and differ in functionality and design.
26 October, 2021

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