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Sets of skewers

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If you value your time, you must have noticed how much of it is spent on training before various events. And often the loss of time can be significantly reduced by simply organizing the storage of your things. For example, going on a picnic, you need to gather together all the items with which you are supposed to cook a barbecue. As a rule, the minimum set includes a certain number of skewers, without which the preparation of this dish is generally impossible.

But in addition to skewers, you will probably need at least a special fork in order to check the readiness of the meat. It is also advisable to have cutlery on hand so as not to waste time looking for them. That is why ready-to-use kits are so popular.

Sets of skewers from GorillasBBQ

A characteristic feature of any set of skewers made by our masters is the carefully thought-out functionality and convenient arrangement of individual items. At the same time, we offer for sale products made in covers made of leather or tarpaulin - only the cost mainly depends on the material of the cover, but the quality of the elements of the sets does not change at all. There are also sets of skewers in wooden cases. This solution further simplifies the use of skewers and other items that are also included in the kits.

We try to provide the best quality at a cost acceptable to the vast majority of buyers, so we are constantly looking for new ways to reduce production costs.At the same time, the quality of material and workmanship remains unchanged - the high quality of each unit of production is one of the foundations for the success of our activities. Even the covers are made from premium quality leather.

The kits produced by our company, in addition to skewers, can include many useful items, such as grill grates, a knife, a tourist hatchet in a case, metal glasses and a container for liquid, a fire igniter and much more. You can choose the optimal package for yourself, and if suddenly we don’t have a suitable option for you, then we can always add what is missing or remove the excess.

Another advantage of the ready-made set is the orderly arrangement of all its constituent elements. You can gather for a picnic at any time, taking only marinated meat and spices with you, and a hatchet for chopping firewood for the hearth and all other tools will already be prepared for use in advance.

Like simple skewers sets, ready-made sets may include skewers with wooden and forged handles, as well as items decorated with bronze casting. The blades are made mainly of stainless steel AISI430, which tolerates strong heat well, without losing strength and retaining an attractive appearance.

Any set can be ordered in our online store. We are independently engaged in the sale of our products, so you can immediately exclude the costs of intermediaries from the list of necessary expenses.At your request, our employees can help organize the delivery of your order - now you can receive your purchase not only in Kiev, Kharkov, Dnipro and Odessa, but also in others, including small towns in Ukraine.