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Sets in leather cases

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What could be better than a short trip out of town for a picnic? This question is very easy to answer - the only thing better than a short outing into nature can only be a barbecue picnic. Fragrant, well-cooked meat on an open fire has always been very popular. But in order to cook it correctly, you need to have the right tools. It is these obligatory items that are skewers in a leather case.

Skewers in a leather case

One of the most convenient options is a set of skewers in a leather case. Despite the fact that these, at first glance, simple things are easy to do on their own, almost every person who understands a lot about barbecue knows that you can’t think of anything better than things made by specialists.

A set can consist of a different number of items, so when going to the store, it is best to think in advance how many people your dish will be designed for. If your picnic is supposed to gather 5-6 people, then the set of 8-in-1 skewers in a leather case will be just right - in case someone wants to get a supplement.

Gift sets of skewers in a leather case

In the Gorillas Barbecue online store, you can purchase a picnic set with skewers in a leather case, even in a designer design. Some of them can not only become useful appliances for cooking, but are also able to decorate the room in an original way. For example, you can buy a set of skewers with wooden handles in a leather case from us, which will perfectly fit into the design of your apartment or house.All products presented in the catalog are made by us on our own equipment, and are thoroughly tested for compliance with modern standards. When ordering skewers in a leather case in our online store, you can be sure of high quality - the actual parameters of the product exactly match the characteristics published on the website.

The catalog provides convenient access to the entire range of products available in the store. The search system allows you to assemble a set of individual items or pick up any ready-made set, for example, a set of a knife and a skewer in a case - leather, wood or canvas.

By visiting our online store, you will fully provide your holiday with everything you need.